Homebrew Modules for Beaver Builder

Beaver Brewer is a (free) add-on plugin for Beaver Builder that makes it easy to find, add and manage custom modules.

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Beaver Brewer is Different.

Beaver Brewer is NOT another module pack.
It's a way to avoid module packs altogether.

What Makes It So Awesome?

Beaver Brewer takes a new approach to custom page builder modules.

The Old Way

The Beaver Brewer Way

Plugin A

20 Modules,
2 Used on Site

Plugin B

12 Modules,
3 Used on Site

Plugin C

1 Module,
1 Used on Site

Beaver Brewer Plugin

Pick & choose the modules to install on your site (a la carte)

Multiple Plugins / Unnecessary Overhead

Module Packs Often Contain Unneeded Modules

Each Plugin / Module Pack Works Differently

Each Developer Is On His or Her Own

The Beaver Brewer Way

No Extra Plugins.

No Unused Modules.

A Standardized Interface.


Cut the Clutter, Add With Ease, Build With Speed.

Beaver Brewer makes it...

Easier to Find New Modules

Easier to Install New Modules

Easier to Activate/Deactivate Modules

Easier to Delete Individual Modules

Easier to Update & Maintain Modules

Easier to Build Modules

Easier to Share Modules

...Benefitting Site Builders & Developers Alike!

For Everyday Users

a.k.a the "Drinkers"

Add custom Beaver Builder modules from a variety of sources & developers

Install new modules with just one click from the back-end of your site

Use a simple admin interface to add, activate, or delete modules

Automatically receive notifications when updates to your modules are available

Update modules with one click inside your Wordpress dashboard

Keep overhead lower by reducing the number of plugins on your site

Avoid installing bulky plugins full of modules you don't need

For Developers

a.k.a the "Brewers"

Cut down on development time & unnecessary plugin-building

Release and maintain your Beaver Builder modules individually

Deploy updates to your module straight to GitHub or Bitbucket

Provide simple, one-click updates to your modules with ease (and for free!)

Get started quickly with an easy-to-adapt module boilerplate

List your modules in the Beaver Brewer directory for other users to discover

Create paid "premium" modules if desired (Beaver Brewer itself will always be free).

You can think of Beaver Brewer as...


Homebrew Module Package Manager

Add & Maintain Custom Modules Individually



Module Discovery & Directory Service

Search For New Modules & Install With One Click

So... What Are You Waiting For?