For Developers

How to add your own Beaver Builder module to the Beaver Brewer Module Directory

So you want to add your module to the official Beaver Brewer module directory? Great! Listing your module in the Beaver Brewer Module Directory is a great way to share it with others!

Here's a step-by-step guide to what steps you'll need to take.



Build Your Module.

This step may be a little obvious, but it's worth noting that you can use our handy Module Boilerplate Generator to jump-start your project (and have Beaver Brewer compatibility built right in from the start!). No matter how you choose to begin your work, however, you'll want to be mindful that your module will eventually need to meet the "full compatibility" standard found in the Beaver Brewer compatibility guidelines.



Register as a Developer.

If you haven't already, you'll need to register as a Beaver Brewer developer before you can submit your module. This allows us to contact you via email (should the need ever arise) and keep you updated on the status of your module submission. It also allows you to log into this site and request that any of your existing modules be removed from the Beaver Brewer module directory. We will never share your information with any third party.



Submit Your Module.

Once you're ready to submit your module, you need only log in to and visit the Submit Your Module page. There, you'll only need to provide us with a module name, a brief description of what your module does (and why it's unique), and either a link to or an upload of your module ZIP file.



Wait For Your Module to Be Reviewed

After your module is submitted, Beaver Brewer will perform a quick code review to ensure there aren't any glaring errors or security flaws. We will also ensure that your module meets our full compatibility standards and that your automatic updates are working correctly. If we find any issues, we will contact you via email and give you the chance to correct any problems. Otherwise, we will go ahead and add your module to the directory (we will try to review your module in as timely a manner as possible, but please allow up to seven days, depending on the complexity of your module and the volume of requests we're receiving at that time).



Check Your Module Once It's Live

Once your module has been accepted, you'll get a message from Beaver Brewer. At that time, we suggest that you take a look at your module within the Beaver Brewer Module Directory and ensure that all of its information is correct. If you notice any problems with your listing (or if, down the road, you'd like to have your module removed from the directory), please log in and fill out the Request Removal or Change form.