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How Does Beaver Brewer Work?

You can think of Beaver Brewer as part package manager, part directory service. It creates a directory inside WordPress' wp-content folder, where all Beaver Brewer compatible modules will be stored, and enables users to upload custom module ZIP files or install new modules straight from their WordPress backend (that is, using the built-in Beaver Brewer Module Directory). After a module has been installed, it will automatically notify the user of any updates (as long as the developer has chosen to support them), then allow the user to update each individual module with one click. This allows modules to be installed and managed in an a la carte fashion, and it removes the need for every module/module pack to be wrapped inside its own Wordpress plugin.

Why Should I Make My Modules Compatible With Beaver Brewer?

Making your modules compatible with Beaver Brewer is not only easy, but it allows you to manage and release your modules (including future updates) individually and without the need of a plugin wrapper.

This can not only save you development time, but it allows you to offer automatic (one-click) updates to your module with very little effort involved. Furthermore, as Beaver Brewer grows and develops, listing your module inside the Beaver Brewer Module Directory can be a great way to help other Beaver Builder users discover it. Giving them the option to install your module with just one click (no download or FTP required) is a great way to encourage them to give it a go!

If you're starting from scratch, the Beaver Brewer Module Boilerplate can help you get started. If you need to convert an existing module to one compatible with Beaver Brewer, check out our compatibility requirements.

What Are the Requirements for Having My Module(s) Listed Within the Beaver Brewer Module Directory?

Anyone can request that his or her module be added to the Beaver Brewer directory, but for the sake of our users, we do have some standards. Module developers will first need to register on this site in order to submit their modules for consideration; this allows us to contact you if there are any questions or issues concerning your module.

For a step-by-step walkthrough of how you can add your module to the Beaver Brewer Module Directory, click here.

For an overview of how our module approval process works (and what you can do to ensure your module's acceptance), please see our Beaver Brewer Module Directory submission guidelines.

What Am I Committing To When I Submit My Module to The Beaver Brewer Directory?

Nothing! Your module will always be yours; Beaver Brewer merely provides a module discovery/directory service to make it easier for users to find and install modules.

Can I Remove My Module At Any Time?

Yes. If you'd like your module to be removed from the Beaver Brewer directory, just login to your account and file a removal request. If you are a user who would like to flag someone else's module for removal (e.g. because of a nefarious update), please contact us instead.

Can I Use Any License I'd Like?

Yes. Beaver Brewer itself is released under the GNU General Public License, version 2, but you can give your modules a separate license (e.g., the WTFPL) if you'd like.

Can I Still Charge Users Money to Download My Module(s)?

Yes. Of course, everyone likes free (as in free beer) software, but you may wish to monetize your modules so that you're able to provide technical support, future updates, etc. Beaver Brewer allows you to supply a "Purchase URL" value inside your module configuration file (in addition to the "Download URL" value, which is still needed to enable automatic updates).

When you do this, users will see a "Purchase" button where the Download/Install button would normally be in the Beaver Brewer module directory. This means that users will no longer be able to install your module with one click, but will need to manually upload your module ZIP file to their site (via the main Beaver Brewer admin page) once they've made their purchase.

Note that you will still need to work out your own system for charging users and managing access to the initial download. Beaver Builder does not currently support any sort of license key verification to receive updates to paid modules, but we are working on this for a future release.

Can I Still Offer a Non-Beaver-Brewer Version of My Module(s)?

Yes, you're free to do as you'd like with your module. You may, however, want to use a different class name in your non-Beaver-Brewer version of your module or first check if the class already exists (to prevent a fatal error if, for whatever reason, a user tried using both versions at once).

Will Beaver Brewer Be Monetized?

Beaver Brewer itself will always be free. We will not make any money off of your modules, no matter whether they're free or paid.

The Beaver Brewer team may one day produce some special paid (i.e. "premium") modules of their own, and we may also one day accept donations on our site, but we would seek to do those things as unobtrusively as possible (so as not to detract from the user experience).

We will never charge for the Beaver Brewer plugin itself, nor offer a separate "premium" version. We want as many people to use it as possible!

Other Questions or Things We Should Cover in the FAQ?

Feel free to contact us if you need anything else!