For Developers

Module Directory Submission Guidelines

Anyone can request that his or her module be added to the Beaver Brewer Module Directory, but for the sake of our users, we do have some standards.

1. Compatibility.
Your module must meet the full compatibility standard outlined on the Compatibility Guidelines page. This means that your module will not only work with Beaver Brewer, but that your configuration file includes all critical information about your module (including the information required to enable automatic updates). Modules that only meet the "Basic Compatibility" standard and do not support automatic updates are not allowed in the directory, but achieving full compatibility really isn't that difficult. You should try it!

2. Uniqueness.
Your module cannot duplicate the exact same functionality as another module that's already listed in the directory, unless you're able to explain in objective terms why your module is better, more efficient, or more secure than the other (in which case your module might actually replace the other). If your module is similar to but not exactly the same as another module, you should explain what makes it different and why it matters to the user. Beaver Brewer will allow you to submit separate "free" and "paid" versions of your module (assuming there are some feature differences between the two), but out of respect for original developers, we will not list free clones of paid modules (which, while not violating the GPL, could discourage innovation). Only if your module is sufficiently different will it be accepted into the directory, and Beaver Brewer reserves the right to determine what qualifies as a "sufficiently different" module.

3. Quality.
Your module will be code reviewed and briefly tested to ensure that it does not contain any glaring bugs or security issues. Minor flaws (e.g. partial refresh not working quite correctly) may be noted but forgiven, but anything that significantly and negatively impacts the end user (or puts his/her security at risk) will be rejected. For this reason, we ask that you write clean code with useful comments and adherence to WordPress' PHP Documentation Standards. Modules that appear to deliberately obfuscate their code (to make it difficult for others to understand) will be rejected out of hand.

Beaver Brewer reserves the right to decide what modules make it into the directory and what modules are rejected; we may also take down your module(s) at any time if deemed necessary. In the event that your module is rejected or needs to be removed from the directory, we will contact you via email in order to explain why. Once you have corrected any issues, your module can be reconsidered for inclusion in the Beaver Brewer Module Directory.