Frequently Asked Questions


Note: This is the FAQ for General Users. For the Developer FAQ, click here.

What Is Beaver Brewer?

Beaver Brewer is an add-on to the popular Beaver Builder page builder plugin for WordPress. It makes it easier to find, install, manage and update Beaver Builder modules, and it allows developers to build and release "homebrew" modules with little effort involved!

Okay, Tell Me More.

Well, that's not really a question, but okay. Beaver Brewer allows you to install individual Beaver Builder modules in an a la carte fashion, without needing to download a separate plugin for each module (or entire module packs); it also enables developers to release their modules individually and provide automatic (one-click) updates with relative ease. Best of all, Beaver Brewer provides a module discovery/directory service which allows users to find new modules within the backend of their own website (and install them in just one click!).

What Do I Need to Use Beaver Brewer?

You will need a WordPress website with the paid version of the Beaver Builder Plugin. The Beaver Builder Theme is not necessary.

How Is Beaver Brewer Different From Other Beaver Builder Add-Ons?

Beaver Brewer is not a module pack; it does not come with any modules out of the box. Instead, Beaver Brewer offers a module discovery/directory service that you can access through the back-end of your website, enabling you to install the Beaver Builder modules you want with one click. You may also browse some of the modules available for Beaver Brewer here.

Wait, Is Beaver Brewer Compatible with PowerPack, BeaverLodge, and/or Other Module Packs?

Yep! Beaver Brewer should not conflict with any module packs or add-ons for Beaver Builder.

Will Every Module Out There Work With Beaver Brewer?

No, not necessarily. Some modules are dependent on a parent plugin or namespaced constants in order to work, and thus can't be used with Beaver Brewer without some modifications. All of the modules listed in the Beaver Brewer Module Directory, however, are fully compatible with Beaver Brewer (including automatic updates). You can access the module directory on this site or from your WordPress admin.

I Installed the Plugin. Now What?

Activate Beaver Brewer under the "Plugins" page in your WordPress admin, then look for a "Beaver Brewer" admin page to show up in the menu to the left. You can add new modules from a ZIP file, or click the "Find More" tab to browse the Beaver Brewer Module Directory.

For more, consult our module installation guide.

Where Can I Find Support?

If you're just looking for help with installing new modules, you may want to consult our Module Installation Guide (or see the Troubleshooting Module Installation page).

If you think you've come across a bug, however (or if you need assistance with something else), please fill out our Support/Bug Report form.

I'm a Developer. Where Do I Begin?

Check out our Developer section, or read the Developer FAQ for an overview.