Two-Column Text Editor

This module provides two WYSIWYG editors which allow for side-by-side content panels within a single page builder column.


Beaver Builder is a fantastic plugin, but there is currently no ability to nest row layouts (perhaps for good reason). Sometimes, however, you may need to create side-by-side panels of content that can fit within a single page builder column (e.g. when you’re using the “Left Sidebar” or “Right Sidebar” row layouts, but need a portion of your main content to be divided into two side-by-side columns). This module gives you that basic ability.

This Two-Column Text Editor module works just like the built-in Text Editor module from the “Basic Modules” section of the page builder, except that it offers two separate WYSIWYG editors (instead of one). Each editor controls a separate panel of content which will appear side-by-side the other.

The module is meant to be very basic, but there is also a setting to control the spacing between the internal panels/columns.



Installing Beaver Brewer modules is easy! If this is your first time, check out the Beaver Brewer Module Installation Guide for instructions.