Help & How To

Troubleshooting Module Installation Issues

In most cases, Beaver Brewer should work like a charm, but just in case you're running into trouble when installing or activating a module, here are some of the more common issues (and how to resolve them).

File or Directory Permissions Issues

Incorrect file or folder permissions is the most common issue that users experience when using this plugin. Beaver Brewer requires certain directories to be writable by your web server. Specifically, you will want to ensure that your wp-content folder and your wp-content/bb-modules folder are both set to 755 permissions (or, if the WordPress user on your server is not the directory owner, to 775 permissions). Do not use 777 permissions for anything that is accessible over the internet, and only apply these permissions to directories on your site (all files should have their permissions more restricted). It is quite dangerous to be too lax with your file/folder permissions, especially when it comes to certain files (e.g. wp-config.php). Therefore, it is strongly encouraged that you (carefully!) refer to this page in the WordPress Codex for more information about proper file/directory permissions when working with WordPress.

A Module Could Not Be Activated Because it Triggered a Fatal Error

Beaver Brewers prevents modules that might break your site from activating. If a module triggers a fatal error when you try to activate it, there is probably something wrong with the module you are trying to install (and not Beaver Brewer itself). Check your website's error log for more information, and contact the module developer for more help.

Seeing "Fatal error: Cannot Redeclare class" Messages

This is typically when you try to use two modules that contain identical class names (or a two copies of the same module). You must remove one of the modules, or else rename the class inside one of the modules. While Beaver Brewer should prevent you from activating a module that causes this issue, other plugins (which include their own modules) may not.

 A Module is Not Showing Up in the Page Builder

If you're certain that you've installed the module correctly, you may want to ensure that it meets the basic Beaver Brewer compatibility requirements. Otherwise, you may want to contact the module developer, as it could be a problem with the module itself.

 A Module is Missing From the Beaver Brewer Admin Page

If a module isn't showing up in your list of installed modules, you will first want to double check that you've installed it correctly. If you look ay your site's directory structure, there should be a folder (e.g., the name of the module) inside the wp-content/bb-modules directory, and inside that folder is where your individual module files should live. If there is no PHP file inside your main module folder, Beaver Brewer will not recognize it as a valid module. You may also want to ensure that your module folder's file permissions allow it to be readable by the webserver.

Automatic updates are not available for one or more modules

Modules that do not contain a module.config file will not be able to provide automatic/one-click updates. This is up to the module developer. A module.config file is not required for a module to work with Beaver Brewer (see basic compatibility requirements), but any updates to that module will need to be downloaded and applied manually.